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Ayaw mabasa? Hindi ba tayo sanay sa ulan at bagyo sa Pinas? Si Aold, possibly late siya sa perform o kaya tatawag sa kumpanya para sabihin meron siyang sakit… dahil lang sa ulan. I utilised to despise heading out in the rain.

I guess even now, I never like walking underneath the rain from perform and primarily going to do the job. The sensation that you are moist specially on your shoes and socks can not allow me focus on whichever I am undertaking at do the job. And when it has been raining non-cease for many times, the laundry dresses are left to dry within the rooms and get smelly when they dry. I suggest you provide your laundry to the coin help with a paper laundry if your community has just one close by.

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For 300 yen, fully dry lahat ng 1-week apparel ninyo!One excellent matter about the wet period is the fewer group in the streets, tourist locations, and nearly everywhere. You go pay a visit to an onsen, a spa and dip in the pool outdoors. Sarap ng emotion! It can be like you rented the full location to oneself.

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Pleasant time to relax and ponder about everyday living. This is what I connect with a golden time.

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They say rain offers you the blues. Correct. But rain teaches us to prevent and be nevertheless. Ayaw mong lumabas ng bahay? Okay lang.

Then, anong gagawin mo sa loob ng bahay? Observe a great film or examine a great e-book. Clean your place and cook a nutritious delicious meal.

Ang daming pwedeng gawin all through the rain kahit na-caught ka sa loob ng bahay. Siguro, you like to snooze extended when it truly is raining. Yan ang gawi natin sa Pinas. Kasi malamig kapag umuulan. But in winter Japan, whether it can be raining or not, malamig.

Super lamig! Kung pwede ngang magazine-hibernate at matulog na lang buong wintertime period at magising pagdating ng spring. Anyway, when we take advantage of our time and use it wisely, it becomes a golden time for us. Pinapahalagaan natin ang bawat oras natin sa mundo. Ayaw kong sabihin, pero sasabihin ko na. Gasgas na kasi, eh. “Time is gold.

” Aray ko po! Hayan, nasabi ko na! Tanong ko sa yo ngayon: Anong klaseng gold ang time mo? I am not chatting about your enjoy. Are you a phony gold? Ang dami sa atin ang nag-papanggap maging ginto.

Paano ba maging ginto ang isang tao? It usually takes time for gold to develop into gold. And it also will take a prolonged time to polish gold to make it glow brightly. As opposed to folks, we turn into golden as decades pass by. Kaya nga sinasabing we transform gold when we access the age of 50. Kasi, by that time, we presume that we have now developed matured and smart. By that time, most of us have attained our dreams. We are on the major of the ladder of good results.

We are authentic gold! Mainly because by way of our encounters and accomplishments, we shine like gold. We will not have to brag about who we are. Our deeds inform everyone how golden we are already. However, if you are a fake gold, you truly have to try out hard to explain to absolutely everyone tales of what you have finished and who your terrific friends are. Okay, you achieved this and that. You know this and that particular person. Kailangan png sabihin? Kailangan pang ibunyag? Sabi ni Nanay, “When your star is twinkling in the sky, you don’t require to notify. Everyone can see you up there already. ” Mother is familiar with finest!If you are not but a gold, really don’t try to be. If you are a silver or bronze, accept who you are and don’t fake to be somebody you aren’t.

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